I’m Fatima Barnes, Business Strategist, Coach, and CEO of The Ambition Academy Coaching and Consulting. I’m also a full-time entrepreneur, podcaster, certified business and professional life coach, certified project manager, and consultant.

While I wear many hats one of my favorite hats is that of wife to an amazing husband, David and dog mom to my bad and bougie dog child Buttercup. In addition I have:

  • Over 10 years of I've been changing the DNA of brands and  helping them be more profitable. In that work, I've helped generate 5.7 millions of dollars in revenue across 450 businesses and brands 


  • I've moved over 650K in Shipments and over 300 Products while helping business save at least $20,000 annually in shipments to increase profit margins


  • I've worked across 30 industries such as: Beauty, Wellness, Law, Wine & Alcohol, Apparel, Cosmetics, Restaurants, Food, Books, Agriculture, Entertainment, Technology, Hospitality, Construction, Education, Fashion, Pharmaceuticals, and more


  • My work has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, The Chicago Journal, and MORE


  • Our work has been featured and worn by by influencers, in Hollywood on the Red Carpet, Host of a show on OWN Stacy Ike, Popular YouTuber Yunnie Rose, and Reality TV Star Uche of Season 6 of MTV's "Are You The One?"


  • With all that I've learned, I now spend my days teaching women just like you to create life changing beauty brands by turning their passion of impacting the world with their beauty products to into profits that allow them to live and create the life they desire


“Know that you can start late, look different, be uncertain, and still succeed.”

Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve. — Unknown

I was once where you are right now!


Since childhood, I always knew I wanted to be in Business. I was inspired by ALL of the HOT 90s TV shows and movies. Watching Boomerang, Sex and The City, Ally McBeal, Living Single, and more I knew I wanted to be one of those dope women who wore the suits, took care of business, wore the best makeup, and had brunch with their girlfriends on weekends. I was naturally driven, ambitious, and business savvy and it definitely showed at an early age.


Fast forward to senior year of college as I'm getting ready to graduate, "I literally said multiple times, I want to be a Small Business consultant. I just want to help people with their businesses." However, I put it off because I knew that I hadn't actually owned my own business, so I felt I couldn't consult others. 

Time goes by I start working corporate jobs and go on to have a great career generating millions in revenue for a future 500 company. I even started consulting small businesses through my corporate job and for a while working to save thousands for my clients in every niche imaginable, I felt fulfilled knowing I was able to help hundreds of small businesses grow their businesses and maximize their supply chains. Everything was great.... until it wasn't.

I had to do something about it !

I remember eventually getting to work every day and feeling UNFULFILLED. I resented my job. Yes, it was great, I had amazing benefits for a great company, the money was great, but yet, I remember every day coming into work thinking "THIS AIN'T IT, SIS!" I remember thinking "this can't be life." So I did it, I started a business, a beauty brand with a friend at the time and it was this crazy rollercoaster of learning experiences. However, all good things must come to an end. 


 Even with my degrees and credentials, I started a business and made many mistakes and I felt like I FAILED. It wasn't that the business wasn't gaining clients and even started popping on social media, it's because it wasn't my life's passion. I learned a lot in the process. I eventually went on to start two more PURPOSE-DRIVEN businesses that are now building a legacy for my family. I now am the woman who takes care of business and has brunch with her girlfriends on weekends like the women I grew up watching on TV. 

With all my highs and lessons, I am dedicated to helping other women learn to set up their purpose-driven businesses for success so that they can live the life they envision too while working their 9-5s! 

You feel the pull and you know you want more. You know that there's got to be more to life than what you're experiencing right now. I've been there! I’ve now made it my mission to educate and empower women in my community with an interest in entrepreneurship JUST LIKE YOU! Entrepreneurship has allowed me the opportunity to walk in my purpose, travel the world, and live my best life and I want to help you do the same. So click the button below, sis! I know you want to. Let's schedule a FREE 15-Minute Beauty Brand Expert Audit (not a sales call)! 

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