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Hey girl Heyyy,

I’m Fatima Barnes


So here’s the tea on me…

To be honest, I don’t even know where to start. You see my love for business started as early as 9, It’s so engrained into who I am that I literally could go back to forever, but we ain’t got that kind of time LOL.


Today, I help driven beauty brand owners change the DNA of their brands to elevate and position their business as a premium or luxe brand that consistently attracts ready to buy premium shoppers every single day utilizing strategies that allow them to gain more time and freedom doing more of the things they love.

Over the last 10 years after graduating with a business degree in Marketing from THEE Jackson State University, I’ve helped over 550+ business in over 30+ industries (including beauty) generate over 5.9 million dollars in additional revenue at the corporate level working with 6, 7, and 8 figure brands and since coaching clients in The Ambition Academy.

After growing brands at the corporate level, I decided to start a beauty brand of my own. I grew my own online beauty brand to six figures after a year and a half. Sadly, due to a misaligned relationship with my business partner at the time, I decided to walk away from the company and pursue other avenues of entrepreneurship in other industries.

However, understand… I’ve been where you are and was just like you in my business when I first started my premium beauty brand in 2015. I had amazing products and was gaining traction, BUT I knew I could be doing more and gaining more. I did alllllll of the things you’re doing right now in an attempt to grow and scale the brand.


Which means like you, I wasted a ton of money and time in the process trying to stop from being the best kept secret in the beauty industry. Despite bringing in revenue, I actually know what it feels like to own a broke six figure brand because I was allll over the place.. yikes..

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That’s when one day it hit me…

The same strategies, processes, and techniques, I was using in the corporate sector working with million-dollar brands and growing their pockets, I could apply a variation of those techniques at my scale to do the same in my brand. I strategically got to work and developed a process and framework that could make those same strategies work at a scale for a small business owner without a 50K marketing budget after a MAJOR crying session on the phone to my husband about how I was going to GIVE UP. I’m so glad I didn’t at that time because…

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While the techniques I applied with an 8-figure brand owner wouldn’t work exactly the same for the everyday small business owner. I began doing some continuous development and testing with smaller clients, myself, and others. I cracked the code. That’s actually when everything changed. I began developing strategies that not only worked for me, but for others. It changed the entire trajectory of my business and future businesses I started to date.

I now spend my days solely dedicated to helping beauty brand owners inside The Ambition Academy by utilizing a process that has been developed, proven, and tested… oh yes and retested and updated to account for the ever-changing online sales space for over 10 years.


Since the start of The Ambition Academy (I truly feel is my real purpose) in 2020, we’ve served over 100 amazing brands through our services and products and we continue to serve even more dedicated brand owners just like you.

Now who wants to hear some random facts about me you probably have no use for?

My musical taste are impeccable because, I love it ALL. While R&B & Hip Hop (especially anything before 2010) is my first love, I can go country, pop, blues, soul, rock, trap, you name it. Which means you never know if Meg Thee Stallion or City Girls all the way to Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Aretha, Gladys, Chris Stapleton, or Al Green is coming out of my mouth. I’ve been called the human jukebox before because I know so many songs and don’t even know how I know them sometimes haha..

Fun Facts

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