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Beauty Boss Elite Elevation

A 6 Month Private Mentorship & Coaching Experience

For Online Beauty Brands Who Wants to Go From Inconsistent Revenue and Cash-flow to Consistently Attracting 1-4 Premium Shoppers Every Day in less than 3 Hours A Day


Does this Sound Like You?

You have amazing products that work and give amazing results for your customers and yet you feel like you have a hard time getting others to see your brand without looking and sounding like every other beauty brand.

You’re spending a lot of time applying the marketing techniques you’ve been taught but you notice you spend too much of your time trying to get noticed and build your audience on social media, hiring influencers, and attending pop ups and you feel like there’s got to be a better way to generate repeat & consistent revenue.

Even though you know you have an amazing brand, you often spend a lot of time feeling as if you have to convince people to see the value of your product offerings.

You have a big vision for your brand and you KNOW you’re meant to be just as big as the top brands in your space—but you can’t seem to figure out how to connect the dots and position your brand in a way that sales consistently and effortlessly.

You’ve tried working with mentors and/or coaches in the past, but you’re truly craving high-level mentorship & strategy in which you are individually guided step by step so that you can build a brand that embodies the bad ass you are without cookie-cutter one size fits all strategies.

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What You Need Is Actually Simple:

A strategy that elevates your brand in a way that attracts your ideal customers like a moth to a flame like clockwork every single day

Like These Clients:

A strategy that elevates your brand in a way that attracts your ideal customers like a moth to a flame like clockwork every single day

A strategy that elevates your brand in a way that attracts your ideal customers like a moth to a flame like clockwork every single day

A strategy that elevates your brand in a way that attracts your ideal customers like a moth to a flame like clockwork every single day

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The “SHERO” Brand Facelift Framework™

Giving your brand a much-needed facelift and making you the SHERO to the tribe that’s been waiting on you

Establish Your Beyonce Persona™

Elevate Your Position

Elevate and position your brand as a premium or luxe brand that’s the "Queen Bey” in your space by discovering and highlighting all the unique elements that make you the clear winner among your competitors and ensuring that you’re positioned to attract ready to buy premium shoppers in your niche (even with premium pricing (winky face emoji)). You’re able to establish your position as THEE ultimate go-to brand to solve their unique problems

Part 2: Become The Tribe Magnet™

Elevate Your Messaging & Content Strategy

Implement The “Unforgettable” Marketing System™

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy

Elevate your messaging & content strategy by learning to implement magnetic messaging that attracts your aligned tribe to your brand effortlessly—I mean literally like hot cakes or better yet, like a moth to a flame making you brand a magnet. Learn to do this without getting stuck on the hamster wheel of endless content creation that leads to nowhere. You’ll be receiving messages from your ideal customers wondering how they can get their hands on your products before you know it.

Elevate your marketing strategy by implementing cutting edge marketing techniques and systems that allow you to become one of those “unforgettable” “I see them everywhere” brands. This literally places you directly in front of your ideal tribe and audience 24/7 even if you have a small audience or you don’t have 10K followers on your instagram. Get out of the hustle of the outdated marketing tactics that require so much of your time physically and/or only work temporarily. Begin to successfully market your business online to thousands of your perfect customers in just 3 hours or less per day giving you more time back to do the things you love. Never worry if the right people are laying eyes on your amazing products again

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Because I know that about you, I know that it means that you are able to clearly stand out in the “saturated” online beauty industry as a TOP DAWG and people immediately know what makes you different..


Not to mention, you’re able to even upgrade the type of shoppers you attract by serving more people who are in alignment with your brand… people you don’t have to fight and fight to get buying from you


You want people to flock to your products because let’s just face it, you have products that’s better than half the stuff out there on the market.. and it WORKS for your customers…


You want to learn how to attract those ready to spend the coin, the “Girl this is exactly what I’ve been looking for”, “where is the link”, “let me grab my purse” shoppers—- all through the content you create effortlessly


You want to elevate your marketing systems and processes so that you don’t have to guess if they see you because “they see you”… You simply want to eliminate the guessing as to if your marketing strategy is getting the right eyes on your products… without you having to spend all of your time posting and posting all day everyday on social media trying to make it happen…

You are looking to Elevate Your Brand and Start Playing at the TOP Level.

You’re ready to hear that “Cha-Ching” Shopify Notification popping up while you’re at brunch with the girls, at Disney with your kids, or better yet, while you’re sleeping at night…

So here’s the full breakdown of what we will work on together

Elevate Your Positioning:

We start at the root and the foundation by establishing your unique positioning, diving into all the things that will aid in you standing out among the rest. We also ensure that you are positioned in the market place as a premium brand by ensuring your brand is transformed from the inside first.


The result: You master a solid foundation for your brand while you’re positioned as the GO TO brand in your space with full clarity. This ensures your brand is set up with long-term sustainability and not short term tactics that don’t last and give long-lasting results

Elevate Your Branding:

Once you are super clear on the foundation of your brand, we then ensure that you reflect what it is to embody a premium brand and business on the outside. Here you will work with one of my top branding strategists on staff who have worked with million dollar brands to ensure that your website, logos, packaging, etc. are up to high quality luxe and/or premium standards. If at this point any re-designs are needed a customized plan and redesign is put into the works.


The result: Your brand embodies the right look to match the internal work you’re doing. High quality images and branding collateral are the key to positioning yourself as a top brand and working with us, you WILL walk away with a fully customized rebrand

Elevate Your Messaging & Content Strategy:

Mastering your message and getting crystal clear on your content strategy is the key to attracting the right people to your brand. Without this piece of the equation, everything is else just won’t work. We work with you to learn how to create the right kind of content and understand the psychological language to use in your messaging that drives sales NOT just generate a bunch of likes and followers.


Result: You’ll learn how to craft a magnetizing message that drives ACTION and builds relationships while eliminating the work you spend trying to convince people to buy from you making it the easiest sales you’ll ever make.

Elevate Your Marketing System:

No more of the outdated techniques that leave you feeling as if you’re working way too hard. A lot of what’s taught about marketing worked 5, 10, and even 15 years ago.. but sadly, what worked then doesn’t work in 2022 and beyond. You’ll learn exactly how to implement a marketing strategy & system in your business in which your efforts are actually generating results and visibility directly in front of your aligned tribe of potential customers 


Result: You’ll leave with a system and process that not only eliminates the time consuming and outdated tactics you’ve been currently implementing, but also a system that places you directly in front of thousands of your ideal customers at any given moment 24/7

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