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Unlock the Game-Changing Strategies Used by the Most Successful Beauty Brands to Increase Your Visibility, Advertising, and Marketing without breaking the bank

Elevated Visibility VIP Day with Fatima Barnes

For Beauty Brands that want to scale past 5K months and double their income by implementing high visibility & magnetic strategies

You’ve made it this far and have achieved some great success in your brand. You’re making four figures consistently and now you’re ready to elevate to that next level.

You recognize that even with that success there’s still a few challenges…
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Does this sound Like You?

You’re still having to spend sooo much time organically promoting your brand to ensure you can duplicate the results you’re getting month after month.
You feel as if you’re working wayyy to hard to maintain what you have and you recognize you need systems and processes in place that will allow you to consistently replicate high level results and begin scaling your brand.
You find that even with the revenue coming in, it’s enough to sustain you, but not quite enough to pay yourself, pay a team, take a vacation, or begin investing at even higher levels in your business.

 You have tried your hands at ads before and are unsure as to how to apply the right advertising strategy that can get you better results than what you’ve been getting on your own


You're dedicated to elevation and you're ready to double your income and visibility by scaling your brand in a way that feels in alignment with your unique business needs. 

As someone who has a growing business, doubling your revenue and taking less time to do it is at the top of your list.
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Now imagine if you could do just that:

Imagine being able to gain hours back in your day to spend more time doing what you love and NOT having to spend hours upon hours manually promoting your brand every day.
Imagine a marketing and advertising system that gets you in front of thousands of your ideal customers at any moment 24/7…even while you’re sleeping..😴
Imagine getting off the constant content creation wheel and not having to spend soooo much time every single day figuring out how you’re going to keep getting fresh and new content out daily.
Imagine taking a few days off even being on social media and not having to worry if you got the visibility you needed for the day
Imagine people constantly commenting on how they see your brand everywhere and allll the time…and all you did was implement an omnipresent marketing and advertising strategy.
OMNIPRESENCE in your marketing and advertising could be your new reality by booking an Elevated Visibility VIP Day.
Here’s How It Works:
In just 6-8 hours, we partner together in a 1:1 setting to actively implement completely customized next level high visibility marketing & advertising strategies that will no doubt scale your brand past four figure months

Step 1: Myself and my entire team will deeply assess the current state of your business and brand prior to our scheduled VIP Day.


Step 2: Next, we’ll create a customized agenda, plan, and strategy for your business and outline exactly what we’ll implement together during our VIP Day.


Step 3: We get to work! Listen, we roll up our sleeves and actually implement everything together on your day.

You will walk away with a fully implemented customized high-level marketing & advertising strategy that will set you up to scale your brand past four figure months while saving you a massive amount of time in your day to day
Giving you more time to do allll the things you don’t have time to do now
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Minnie J  Testimonial:

OMG, Having you as my coach benefited my life gratefully, like I mentioned above, I already had tough skin but for business I was always one who wanted to try my best at pleasing everyone I came encounter with and you taught me that It's the opposite because it's impossible to do such. Oh you most definitely taught me time management when it come to my life and business for real Fatima. I knew I was capable but you truly me help me see how much more capable I was if I start being so hard on myself because I have what it takes to be a BOSS to accomplish my goals no matter what they are if I have a strategy and stick to it. This may sound a bit off subject but in so many ways you taught me, myself. By that I mean you helped me look into myself and pullout my fire my Boss B!!!! Major transformation, that’s exactly what I received having you as my coach Fatima.

Learn & Implement The Secret Strategies TOP Beauty Brands are using to elevate their marketing, advertising, & visibility .....with a fraction of their budgets to make it happen
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Here’s what you’re going to get:
Access to a dedicated support line for questions you may have leading up to your VIP Day.
Deep analysis and assessment of your entire business with recommendations for improvement.
Direct feedback and implementation of any critical areas in your business that would hinder scaling your business to the next level.
1- Full Day 6-8 hours (either in person or virtually) of uninterrupted one on one time implementing and doing the work on your business.
Immediate transformation, feedback, and coaching on the spot.
Lunch Accommodations (because I love food and we need food to do the real work 😉)
The opportunity to complete this VIP Day in person with Me
A new strategy and way of doing things that buy you time and saves you HOURS in your day, while increasing your visibility and reach to your ideal customers. 
*Does not include travel, flight, and hotel accommodations for those attending in person*
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Apply today and get access to my 10K iOS proof Facebook & Instagram Ads Strategy and Online Training Portal
Never waste your hard-earned money trying to figure out the best strategy to advertise on Facebook & Instagram again using a full proof cutting-edge strategy.
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I’m Fatima Barnes
I help driven beauty brand owners change the DNA of their brands to elevate and position their business as a premium or luxe brand that consistently attracts ready to buy premium shoppers every day while utilizing strategies that allow them to gain more time and freedom doing more of the things they love.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve helped over 550+ business in over 30+ industries (including beauty) generate over 5.9 million dollars in additional revenue. I grew my own online beauty brand to six figures before deciding to walk away and help other dedicated business owners outside the corporate sector implement high level techniques to build brands that can rival and essentially eliminate their competition to stand out online.


I’m a wife, soon to be mom to a son, dog mom—HBCU college graduate who has been able to overcome all odds by playing big, taking risks, and creating & implementing high level business strategies for myself and the women I serve.

Want to know if a VIP Day is right for you?
Now., I’ve told you who it’s for, but I have to tell you who it is NOT for…
Is this for you?

You’ve been able to achieve at least 5K months consistently

(for at least 3-6 months) in your brand organically or with some promotion and advertising and you want to scale past 5K months and double your revenue by implementing high visibility strategies

You want to get off the content hamster wheel and begin elevating your strategy to the next level by implementing high level visibility strategies.

You already have visually appealing branding collateral (logo, website, package design etc.)

You have a functioning website to process orders.

You have sufficient social proof that your products get results and/or provide transformation for your current customers.

Your brand is solidified enough that you don’t need another 2, 3, 4, or 6+ month program to get the strategies you need.

You believe in your brand so much you’ll stop at nothing until your brand is EVERYWHERE as you have big dreams and big goals to make it happen.

You have the winning mindset and understand that testing is required to finding the golden road to success in your individual business as you expand.

You have not been able to achieve consistent revenue and cashflow in your business (at least 5K per month for the last 3-6 months)

Your brand is not very clear and you’re in need of a visual revamp.

You work well when information and action is spread out a little more over time as opposed to quick and actionable implementation.

You need longer term assistance and help in your business.

You have more critical business issues that can’t be fixed or addressed in 1 day.

You don’t take feedback or direction very well.

You don’t have an open mind and studious mindset to learn and implement new things.

You don’t have sufficient enough quality content or proof that your products have gotten results for your customers.

You want a quick fix or quick results and to see results overnight (these take time even after we implement the concepts in our day).

Still have some questions?
Antionette W VIP Day Testimonial

Listen, you are a BEAST at what you do! This VIP Day was so eye-opening! I thought going into it that I knew a good amount about my area, but baby you showed me! The amount of strategy and implementation was mind blowing. What a day and an experience. Not to mention the VIP service and experience I received from lunch to the very first welcome that day. If you’re ready to roll your sleeves up and really implement some real strategies, booking a VIP day is recommended.

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Apply today and get access to my 10K iOS proof Facebook & Instagram Ads Strategy and Online Training Portal
Never waste your hard-earned money trying to figure out the best strategy to advertise on Facebook & Instagram again using a fool proof cutting-edge strategy.
With approval Learn Now. Pay Later and split in up to 12 INTEREST FREE payments using our partner

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